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This company's sole purpose is to deliver above-average quality care to the people in the community. That's why our medical talent is obligated to service the need and individuals we care for 24/7. We have a text line that is as simple as 1,2,3. You can reach us 24/7 and we staff 24/7.

Step-1. Contact us to discuss your recruitment needs.

One of our specialized consultants will contact you to explore your facility's specific needs and can provide cost-effective solutions. Contact 123Staffing by telephone at 865-366-0403 or email at [email protected]


Step-2. Notify Us of Available Position(s)

Alternatively, you may post an opening directly on our website by filling out our form.

Step-3. Evaluate specific healthcare providers

Your personal consultant will offer you the details of healthcare professionals who possess the necessary abilities for your facility. We will select the candidate(s) who best meet your demands and communicate our selections to you.

Step-4. Agree on business agreements and a start date

Please sign and submit the 'Agreed Terms of Work' to our consultant so we can finalize the process.

Step-5. Resume For Duty

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with us handling your staffing process.


We strive to work ethically and honestly to 

promote the health of our community. We promise 

to provide cost-effective solutions that will meet your needs every time at the most affordable prices and fees


We want to be the difference for your health care facility. we have designed a service that

1. Reduces client costs which makes it a more affordable and useful long-term service

2. Offers comprehensive training and continuing our medical talents.

3. Licensed, bonded, and professionally insured with worker's compensation and liability insurance


123Staffing & 24HR. Care LLC. is built from 

humble beginnings and better understandings. I built this company with a single thought as small as a mustard seed.

For the sole purpose of delivering above-average quality care to the people in our community. It does not matter where you are care at its best should only be a blink away.