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Let's Help You Get The Right People 

At The Right Time

123staffing offers solutions to your healthcare recruitment issues, 

ensuring that you are always covered.

As one of the best and most experienced staffing agencies in the United States, we comprehend healthcare workforce difficulties better than anyone else.

Our solutions have been demonstrated to increase labor capacity and save expenses without sacrificing quality or compliance.

Why Choose Us As Your Healthcare Staffing Agency?

Flexible Service

Whether offering high volumes of placements or placements on an ad hoc basis, our qualified account managers are adept at providing personalized, customer services to match your needs.

High Standard

Due to our strict standards, we only hire the most qualified, knowledgeable, and dependable healthcare professionals. In addition, we get continuous beautiful feedback

100% Safe

When asking us to provide in-home- or on-site care, you can rest sure that we will fill the position with dependable, trustworthy, and well-trained healthcare experts.


The candidate must exhibit not just their knowledge and expertise but also their enthusiasm for caring. Then, during the interview, we can determine if the candidate is a good fit for you.

Background Check

Before recruiting, we do a thorough criminal background check. We will extensively investigate the applicant's job and/or academic reference.


As we receive a candidate. If they require more training, we guarantee that they will obtain it. Before working, every new employee must complete our orientation program.

Step-1. Contact us to discuss your recruitment needs.

One of our specialized consultants will contact you to explore your facility's specific needs and can provide cost-effective solutions. Contact 123Staffing by telephone at 865-366-0403 or email at [email protected]

How We Operate?

Step-2. Notify Us of Available Position(s)

Alternatively, you may post an opening directly on our website by filling out our form.

123staffing offers solutions to your healthcare recruitment issues,

 ensuring that you are always covered.

Step-3. Evaluate specific healthcare providers

Your personal consultant will offer you the details of healthcare professionals who possess the necessary abilities for your facility. We will select the candidate(s) who best meet your demands and communicate our selections to you.

Step-4. Agree on business agreements and a start date

Please sign and submit the 'Agreed Terms of Work' to our consultant so we can finalize the process.

Step-5. Resume For Duty

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with us handling your staffing process.